Current Contributors

Updated 6 December 2017


Kenneth Pederson
Gregory & Susan Bovid
Judith A. Rice
Beverly Keicher
Members First Credit Union


Marcos & Nilsa Braganca
Mike & Nina Cronenberger
Dr. Arthur & Judith Frock
Dr. Richard & Julie Hackman
Betty Keil
John Kostoff
John Leipprandt
John & Julie Nosal
Ken & Gina Pederson
Standford & Carolyn Rowe
B.J. & Herb Scogg
Karen Shields
Phyllis Sirrine
Robert & Gwen Snyder
David Timm
Bob Valenta & Tim Page

SPONSORS ($75-$149)

Mark Abbe
Linda Campbell
Thomas & Jennifer Coon
Ced Currin
Arthur Dittenber
Richard & Karen Harner
Don & Jo Ann Hawkins
Marvin & Barbara Henry
Jack & Nancy Higgins
Arnie & Betty Huntress
William & Elaine Kern
C. Marple
Ken & Darlene Meath
Margery Mesler
Cliff Miles
Alice Ralston (In memory of Robert T. Ralston)
Lynn & June Rayle
Dr. Sandra Simmons
Donald & Gaye Terwillegar
Duane & Theresa Townley
Alan Harrow & Douglas Webster
James & Bonnie Wendt
David & Jane Wirth

SUPPORTERS ($25-$74)

Tim & Myrna Adaway
Alicia Asadorian
Clyde Babcock
Colleen Buskirk
Arthur & Shirley Cooke
Don & Doris Deford
Roy Green
Cal & Cheryl Hoerneman
Audrey Jeschke
Al & Marge Klashak
William Lackie
Lou Lindberg
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Lueth
Pat Marsh
Ted McBride
Shirley McCutchen
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin McDonald
James & Sue Moore
Ruth Morey
James & Alice Morgan
James & Nancy Pollack
David & Marguerite Schrader
Dean & Jean Scoles
Gregory Smith
Alan & Phyllis Syverud
Louise Tarn
James W. Tolly
Betty Ujevich
Julia Allen Wiseman
Helen T. Woodbury


Francis & Rose Barber
In Memory of Bob Johnson
Bill & Nina Rich
Janice Shanahan
Dick & Nan Skochdopole

Scholarship Sponsor ($500)
Benefactor Donation ($150+)
Sponsor Donation ($75-$149)
Supporter Donation ($25-$74)
Contributor Donation ($1-$24)

Mail donations to:
Midland Concert Band
P.O. Box 2300
Midland, MI 48641-2300

Donations are tax deductible
Listing includes donations received June 1, 2016 through February 16, 2017. Our apologies to any donor not listed. Please look for your name as information is updated.

The MCB appreciates the support of every donor, and would also like to thank the Dow Corning Corporation for its continuous support given by matching the gifts of its employees and retirees.