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Job Descriptions and Position Guidelines
Midland Concert Band, Inc.

Job Descriptions for the Nine (9) Voting MCB Board Members

  1. Chair: Provides leadership to the general membership of the MCB and to the Board of Directors<
    • Coordinates activities of the Board
    • Conducts Board and general membership meetings
    • Communicates necessary information to the general membership usually through, but not limited to, announcements during rehearsal breaks
    • Responsible for sending reports to foundations which provide grant moneys to MCB
    • Represents the MCB to outside organizations
    • At the Board’s direction, responsible for hiring the MCB Conductor and conducting an annual performance review
  1. Secretary: Responsible for MCB written communications, both internal and external
    • Records minutes of Board meetings, distributes them to Board members, archives a copy and arranges to post to the MCB website
    • Sends thank you notes/ acknowledgments to all MCB contributors
    • Maintains a roster of all elected and appointed positions and any active committees
    • Maintains a master copy of the MCB Members’ Handbook, which includes the Bylaws, Policies and Job Descriptions of Board and Appointed Positions, and posts updates to the Handbook version on the MCB Website.
    • Maintains job descriptions of all elected and appointed positions and solicits updates from respective Board members, as needed
    • Prepares, distributes and maintains correspondence records as requested by the Board
    • Maintains an official file of all correspondence written by any Board member
    • Arranges notices and correspondence of interest to MCB members and posts to the MCB website.
  1. Treasurer: Responsible for managing the fiscal obligations of the MCB
    • Picks up MCB mail from the post office at least weekly
    • Responds to mail order concert ticket requests
    • Collects dues from the membership
    • Makes deposits to bank accounts
    • Pays appropriate supplier and personnel bills
    • Prepares financial statements for each board meeting
    • Prepares appropriate tax forms associated with MCB compensated positions
    • Works with the MCB Chair to file annual report with the State of Michigan
    • Prepares proposed budget at the beginning of each fiscal year
    • Responsible for providing a cash box ($200 in small bills) to the ticket table located in the lobby before each concert and retrieving same after each performance
    • Reviews liability insurance coverage on an annual basis
      • MCFTA specifies how much coverage is needed based on concert attendance
      • Works with the Property Manager to determine if coverage on instruments and other property is adequate
    • Furnishes list of contributors to the Secretary and the Director of Special Projects
    • Maintains record of season ticket holders and provides same to the Director of Printed Materials
  1. Director of Education: Responsible for the educational activities of the MCB
    • Manages the high school scholarship process
    • Maintains communications with the endowed scholarship managers (private and Midland Foundation)
    • Manages the Associate Member program (talented high school students invited to play with the MCB)
    • Manages the Outstanding 7th Grader program
  1. Director of Printed Materials: Responsible for the printed concert program
    • Responsible for timely preparation, layout, and proofing of all aspects of the printed concert program
    • Responsible for annual updating and printing of tickets
    • Works with the Director of Program Advertising to update and print program covers
    • Responsible for preparing and mailing annual season ticket/donor letter
    • Prepares and prints “rack cards,” conductor business cards, and other promotional materials as needed
  1. Director of Program Advertising: Obtains and maintains advertisements for the annual MCB program
    • Works with the MCB Board to set the price for each ad Contacts current advertisers to determine if they will renew
    • Contacts local businesses that don’t currently advertise in our program to generate new accounts Provides information to current and potential advertisers, including advertisement costs, location of ads within the concert program, and layouts
    • Provides all artwork and advertisers to the Director of Printed Materials at the beginning of each concert season
    • Confirms with the treasurer those advertisers that are in good standing and works with the Director of Printed Materials to insure that the advertisement is in the Program.
    • Maintains a list of advertisers/contact names/addresses/phone numbers for the next concert season
    • Distributes complimentary tickets to advertisers
    • Obtains extra concert programs from the Director of Printed Materials to be used as examples for advertisers, if requested.

      Suggested timeline:

      • Before the end of May – send sponsors thank you letters, and ask for next season (if board has set prices)
      • June – send follow up letters/emails/call to sponsors and look into new possible sponsors
      • July – Keep asking for sponsors, update Director of Printed Materials
      • August – Keep asking for sponsors, update Director of Printed Materials
      • September – Keep asking for sponsors (if needed), make sure all artwork is in
      • October – Submit all information to Director of Printed Materials
  1. Director of Marketing: Responsible for media and non-routine publicity of MCB activities
    • Places notifications of first rehearsal and concerts with area newspapers, radio and television
    • Manages paid advertising for concert promotions in various area media, such as the Midland Daily News, Center Magazine of the MCFTA and the Midland Daily News Fall Arts Supplement
    • Provides fully written articles to the Midland Daily News for each concert
    • Maintains the MCB web site. Ensures all appropriate web site hosting and domain fees are paid in a timely manner through the Treasurer.
    • Maintains a list of advertising opportunities and contacts
    • Provides an annual schedule for concert advertisements to the Board at the start of the concert season.
  1. Director of Special Events and Tickets: Responsible for special projects as determined by the Board and for support of other Board activities
    • Manages ticket distribution and sales
    • Arranges for special support of all concerts. This includes flowers/decorations for the Christmas concert
    • Arranges for an end-of-season party for the general MCB membership on the Thursday following the final concert in May. Calls Midland Parks and Recreation department in February to inquire.
    • Any other event or special projects as determined by the Board
  1. Director of Hospitality: Serves as the liaison between the general MCB membership and the Board to secure people resources for the effective operation of the MCB
    • Surveys MCB members for volunteer interests and hospitality needs
    • Procures and coordinates refreshments and snacks for members during rehearsals and performances as determined by the Board, with member input
    • Welcomes new members and provides new member information packet
      • Provides name tags
    • Arranges and coordinates the ordering of MCB logo apparel periodically through local vendors – as directed by the Board
    • Coordinates the sending of Sends flowers or a donation to a church or charity to an active MCB member who has a death in the immediate family
    • Sends flowers or other appropriate gift to an active MCB member who is hospitalized
    • Sends a card to the spouse of an active MCB member who is hospitalized
    • Maintains records of amounts spent, to whom cards or gifts were sent, the dates and the reason for sending

Job Descriptions for the Two (2) Ex-Officio MCB Board Members

  1. MCB Conductor: Responsible for the musical and artistic integrity of MCB performances and for the overall popularity of the MCB
    • Provides program planning for each concert
    • Submits budget projections to the Board for music equipment and guest artists or conductors as part of the yearly fiscal planning
    • Selects and arranges for the procurement of music
    • Promotes the effective use of area music libraries by a reciprocal loan program with the Midland Public School system and other area music organizations.
    • Conducts approximately thirty-five (35) rehearsals and four (4) concerts during the MCB concert season
    • Makes final decisions on chair assignments and on concert participation
    • Recruits new members as necessary for good instrumental balance
    • Participates in the publicity and promotion of concerts and the community concert band concept, as requested by the Board
    • Works with the Director of Printed Materials to provide program notes, biographical sketches of guest performers or conductors and other essential information for use in concert programs
    • Arranges for use of school percussion equipment
    • Works with the Stage Manager to arrange for all equipment and associated needs at the MCFTA for concert performances
    • Coordinates arrangements with individual and group guest performers and conductors
    • Appoints, with board approval, the Music Librarian, Stage Manager, Property Manager, Attendance Coordinator, Concert Announcer and Section Leaders
  1. MCB Jazz Band Director: Responsible for the musical and artistic integrity of MCB Jazz Band performances and for the overall popularity of the MCB Jazz Band
    • Surveys, recruits and builds a roster of Jazz Band musicians from within the MCB membership.
      • The Jazz Band conductor may, with Board approval, also recruit from outside the current band membership to fulfill a musical need.
      • Note: Membership requirements for Jazz Band members are the same as for MCB members.
    • Works with the MCB Conductor to plan performances of the MCB Jazz Band
    • Selects and arranges for procurement of appropriate music
    • Conducts approximately 10-15 rehearsals and two or three performances of the MCB Jazz Band during the MCB concert season

Job Descriptions for the Seven (7) MCB Appointed Positions

  1. Attendance Coordinator: Responsible for membership information
    • Maintains current personnel roster and attendance roster for the MCB
  1. Concert Announcer:
    • Prepares comments and introduces the musical selections performed at each concert
  1. Historian: Maintains both hard and electronic copy descriptions of events and milestones of the MCB
    • Collects and stores newspaper articles, posters, flyers, ads, concert programs and miscellaneous printed materials
  1. Music Librarian: Manages the procurement, distribution, collection, retention and storage of MCB and MCB Jazz Band sheet music
    • Coordinates with the MCB and MCB Jazz Band Conductor(s) on the retrieval, ordering and borrowing of music.
    • Assembles folders for each section to be distributed at the first rehearsal for each concert cycle and adjusts for instrumental needs as needed during the concert cycle.
    • Manages the music library storage
    • Maintains an electronic music inventory list – printed annually or as needed
    • Procures supplies as needed for upkeep of the library, including music folders and office supplies.
    • Responsible to send reports to ASCAP/BMI on the music performed in concerts
  1. Property Manager: Manages the records and inventory of MCB-owned instruments, equipment and concert dress uniforms
    • Keeps a record of MCB-owned property and its location
    • Works with the Treasurer annually to determine if insurance coverage on property is appropriate
    • Concert dress uniforms
      • Provides assistance and guidance to members for proper concert dress as determined by the MCB Board.
  1. Section Leaders: Responsible for balancing overall musicality of the section
    • Compiles and maintains a roster of section players for each concert with the player’s preferred contact information
      • Provides updates to Attendance Coordinator and Conductor as needed
    • Determines the parts to be played by section members for each concert
    • Equitably distributes parts throughout the section for the concert season
    • Assigns/distributes solo passages
    • Arranges and leads sectional rehearsals, as needed
  1. Stage Manager: Manages and directs all physical arrangements for each dress rehearsal and concert
    • Coordinates the stage set-up and strike for each dress rehearsal and concert
    • Contacts the Midland Center for the Arts prior to each concert to arrange for the use of all required MCFTA equipment
    • Arranges for dressing rooms for MCB Conductor, guest soloists, and band members.
    • Arranges for storage space at MCFTA for concert equipment if required.

Full Revision Approved October 23, 2014 (DBSelley – secretary)