Member Handbook

Member Handbook (Approved 2017-0215)

I. Attendance Policy
II. Audition Policy
III. Concert Dress
IV. Hospitality
V. Ticket Policy
VI. Youth Group Attendance
VII. Scholarships for High School Band Students
VIII. Seventh (7th) Grade Band Student Participation
IX. Membership Dues Policy
X. Monetary Policy

I.   Attendance

  1. Members are expected to make every reasonable effort to attend all rehearsals and concerts. For maximum rehearsal effectiveness, this entails members arriving on time and remaining for the complete rehearsal.
  2. To help members plan a personal schedule, a complete rehearsal and concert schedule will be provided at the beginning of each concert season. Note that there may be extended rehearsal hours or extra rehearsals added as determined by the conductor. Any extra rehearsals or time will be announced by the conductor.
  3. Attendance will be taken at every rehearsal in order to assist the conductor and section leaders in determining instrumental balance, and to manage music distribution. The attendance coordinator also provides information to the Director of Printed Materials for the printed concert programs.
  4. Eligibility to play a concert requires attendance at a minimum of 75% of the rehearsals during that concert period, and the payment of member dues. Members in good standing may also be excused by the section leader for unavoidable conflicts, as long as they are deemed capable to play. Exceptions to this attendance policy will be considered at the discretion of the MCB Conductor and Section Leader, and any unresolved conflicts will be taken up by the Board of Directors.
  5. If a section member is deemed ineligible to play for any reason, the section leader, the MCB Conductor or a designated board member will address the ineligibility directly with the member.
  6. When a member has a change of intention to play, the Section Leader should be so notified.
  7. A member may withdraw from any concert without jeopardizing future eligibility. Early notification of a decision not to play a concert will be beneficial to the member’s good standing and permit any necessary shifts in instrumentation or music.

II.   Audition Policy

  1. No formal playing auditions are required to join the MCB. New members are simply asked to stand and tell the band about themselves (e.g. name, place of employment, hobbies, etc.). The MCB philosophy is “no one who wants to play will be turned away.”

III. Concert Dress Policy

  1. All regular and Associate members of the MCB are required to wear the required uniform at performances so designated by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors and Conductor will determine the colors and types of uniforms, and any special concert dress (i.e. Holiday Concert Dress).
  2. The Property Manager is responsible for any specific records regarding the supplying and returning of MCB-owned uniforms and for resolving any questions regarding appropriateness of concert dress.

Specific Concert Dress Uniforms


Floor-length, Black dress or skirt or black dress slacks
Black dress blouse with collar and long sleeves. Blouse must be free of any decoration.
Black stockings
Black shoes
Minimal jewelry


Black tuxedo with jacket and black dress slacks, and a black bow tie
White, plain, pleated-front, tuxedo shirt or white, long-sleeved dress shirt
Black socks
Black shoes
Black cummerbund (optional)

IV. Hospitality Policy

  1. Flowers or a donation to a church or charity will be sent to an active MCB member who has a death in the immediate family.
  2. Flowers or other appropriate gift will be sent to an active MCB member who is hospitalized
  3. A card will be sent to the spouse of an active MCB member who is hospitalized.
  4. The Hospitality Coordinator will provide records to the treasurer of:
    • The amount spent
    • To whom the card or gift was sent and the reason it was sent
    • The date the card or gift was sent
  5. An active member, as referred to in this Policy, is defined as a member who has met the conditions of membership as stated in the Bylaws for the current year.
  6. This Hospitality Policy may not be operational during the MCB’s summer recess (i.e., after the May concert until the first rehearsal of the next season).

V. Ticket Policy

  1. Each MCB member may receive two (2) complimentary tickets per concert. Please request these as needed from the Director of Tickets and Special Projects. Complimentary tickets should be given to people who may have an interest in MCB concerts but who have not attended frequently in the past. We request that you, the band member, write the name and address of the recipients on the back of the tickets. We will add the recipients to our mailing list. If you require more than the allotted two tickets, please talk to the Director of Tickets and Special Projects.
  2. Ticket prices will be determined by the Board of Directors.
  3. Requests for any group pricing can be made by contacting any board member. A vote of the board is required to approve any such requests.

VI. Youth Group Admission Policy

  1. One of the purposes of the MCB is to help develop an interest in classical band music in people of all ages in our community. The MCB specifically encourages the attendance of youth groups at its concerts within the following guidelines:
    • Any youth (12 years of age or under) will be admitted free to any MCB concert.
    • Youth or young adults from organizations such as the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc. may be admitted to MCB concerts free of charge as long as the group is chaperoned.
    • One (1) adult chaperone for every four (4) youths must attend the concert and purchase or arrange for a regular adult ticket.
    • Arrangements must be made through any MCB Board member at least ten (10) days prior to the concert of interest. The Director of Tickets and Special Projects will arrange for the tickets to be mailed to the youth group leader or left for pickup by one of the chaperones at the ticket table on the date of the concert.
    • The Director of Education, with assistance from the Director of Public Relations, will be responsible for communicating this policy to the public and in the MCB concert programs.

VII. Scholarship Policy for High School Band Students

  1. To promote music education and band participation in Midland County, each year the MCB offers scholarships to qualified 9th through 12th grade band students. The scholarships are to be used by the recipients for attendance at a summer band camp, applied to the purchase of a new instrument, or towards music instruction. Consideration may be given to past recipients.

VIII. Seventh (7th) Grade Band Student Participation Policy

  1. To further promote music education and band participation in Midland County, each year the MCB also invites outstanding 7th grade musicians to perform with the band at its May concert. In mid-March, the MCB Director of Education sends letters to area intermediate school band directors asking them to nominate six (6) of their best students. In preparation for the performance, the selected students are then required to attend four, 1-hour rehearsals in the weeks leading up to the May concert and one short rehearsal on the day of the concert. The students are asked to wear their school band uniforms (including jacket) for the performance.

IX. Membership Dues Policy

  1. Dues will be waived for current board members and for any member who donates $75 or more during the concert season.

X. Monetary Policy

  1. Board members may spend or commit to spend up to $100 of discretionary money without prior approval of the Board of Directors

Full Revision Approved October 23, 2014 (DBSelley – secretary)
Revision Approved February 15, 2017 (PLHeider – secretary)